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Welcome to Michigan Limo Bus! We've got an enormous fleet of vehicles that we're certain you'll enjoy. When you've got incredible events to attend in the Detroit Metro area, we really hope that you will consider our services! You won't just be renting a vehicle, you'll be renting the high quality services of a trained professional chauffeur. And it just doesn't get any better than that.

You can find nearly all the information that you need right here on our Michigan Limo Bus website, and whatever we may have missed you can find out easily by sending us a quick email or giving us a call. Notably we can't list exact prices on our website because they change by the day due to fuel prices, but you can get an exact price quote either by phone or email at any time.

Please take a moment to browse all the pages of our site and find out about our vehicles, our most popular events, and much more. When you feel that you're ready to book a bus, just give us a call!

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