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Grand Rapids' Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question? We've got answers. Don't see your question below, don't worry, give us a call. We are able to answer your questions all day and all night. So when one pops into your head, you can call right away.

• • How can I make a reservation?
If you're interested in renting one of our vehicles, all you have to do is call or email us and our agents will get you all set up!

• • Can the reservation be canceled?
No. Once you've entered into the rental contract and have paid your deposit, you are responsible for paying the full amount, even if you choose not to use the scheduled service.

• • Is your service available 24/7?
Yes! Our agents are always available. We will answer phone calls just to answer your questions or send a limousine out whenever you need it!

• • Can we smoke on the vehicles?
No, we do not allow smoking on the vehicles. You are allowed to have unlimited smoke breaks. So when you are feeling like one, simply tell your driver and they will pull over at a safe location.

• • Is alcohol allowed? Will it be provided?
Of course you can have alcohol on the vehicles. We do not provide you with alcohol. It is illegal to do so. However, we do provide a cooler filled with ice to keep your drinks cold, so BYOB and drink as much as you wish!

• • Are children allowed on the vehicles? Is there any age restriction?
Of course children can come onto the vehicles. Parents usually rent from us for their kids birthdays, family reunions, proms and more! However, if there are going to be children, there cannot be any alcohol on board.

• • What is required for making a reservation?
If you're ready to make a reservation, all you need is a credit or debit card. You will have to pay a deposit to reserve the bus or limo at the specific time.

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