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Yes, we know there a no physical numbers on our rates page. There are many factors that goes into the pricing of a reservation. The prices are always changing because of those factores. Firstly, we would like to state that we do not have any hidden fees. You'll be informed of all potential charges and fees when you make the reservation. We don't like to hide things till the last minute, like other companies.

Now, on to those factors. They are also ways to save money with your reservation. There are peak times during the year in which the prices might be higher than the rest of the year. It usually happens around late April to early September. Next, there are days of the week that may be higher or lower in pricing. The weekends are always busy and also happen to be the days that are the most expensive. Saturday being the most, followed by Friday.

We want everyone who wants to rent a limo bus, to be able to rent a limo bus. We are always adjusting our rates so that they are the lowest possible and also compete with other businesses. To recieve your free quote, just give us a call, provide us with some basic information and you should get your quote within seconds.

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