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It always comes down to the prices. As you have noticed, there is no pricing on our site. Due to many factors that make up the pricing, it's always changing. So to avoid confusion, it's best just to give us a call and receive your fee quote. First, we would like to that off by saying that with us, everything is up front. There is no hidden fees. We don't tack on last minute charges like other companies do. You don't even have to tip the driver, if you don't want to. Though it would be greatly appreciated.

We strive to have the lowest prices possible, but sometimes things happen in which we can't control, which raises the prices some. For example, the price of gas or the prices of parts for the buses. There are a couple ways in which you can save some money when booking a limo bus. There is a peak time of April to September where the prices of our vehicles are higher than the rest of the year. Weekends are also higher than the rest of the week.

To get your free quote, just give us a call. You'll get in touch with one of our agents who will ask you a few questions to determine vehicle availability and price and you'll have your quote within seconds. Those questions are: What date would you like service? What time and in what city will you be picked up in to start? What time and in what city will you be dropped off at the end of your rental? How many passengers will you have? With this info handy, your quote is quick and easy!

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