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We operate our business truthfully. There are companies out there that will offer you a super low price and get you to commit because of how good of a deal you're getting. What they aren't telling you is that when they show up for the service, they demand that you pay fuel charges and charges for each stop and a mandatory tip for the driver. If you go over your reservation time, the price skyrockets. That's not fun. We wouldn't like that if it happened to us, so we don't do it to our customers. We tell you everything up front. Your hourly pricing you get from us covers everything. Unlimited stops, unlimited miles, etc. With us, if you go over your reserved time, it's just your hourly rate in 15 minute increments so that you don't pay for time that you didn't use. The only fees or charges you'll come across, is damages or an excessive cleaning fee.

We don't put our prices on our site because it's always changing. There's a lot that goes into determining our pricing. For instance, if gas prices jump really high, the hourly price is going to increase some, but if our operational costs go down, then we'll lower our prices accordingly. We do our best to keep the prices as low as possible.

When you're ready to call and get your quote, if you just have the following information ready, you'll receive that quote in a heartbeat.

  • Date of service
  • Time of service
  • Pick up/drop off city
  • Number of passengers
  • Number of hours for the reservation

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