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About Kalamazoo Limo Bus

Kalamazoo Limo Bus is known to be an excellent company to work with when you want luxury transportation. We have a great fleet that will allow you to find a vehicle that suits your needs, whether you want a limousine or a limo bus, or if you 10 passengers or 35! We truly want you to have the best experience possible with us, so that for your next event, you'll already know who to call.

We have hired some of the best people you could get to work at a limo bus company. The first people you'll come into contact with is our booking agents. They will be friendly and helpful with anything you need. They have great patience for answering all your questions in as much detail as your want. You'll get your free quote from them and when you're ready, they make the reservation for you.

Our vehicles are stunning thanks to our fantastic team that regularly inspects each vehicle to make sure that they are running at their best. You'll never get sent a vehicle that's in any less than perfect shape. You'll be able to relax knowing that you'll be able to enjoy your event fully. The chauffeurs check the features inside the bus, before they leave, to make sure that they are all working.

The chauffeurs are great at what they do. They want to give you the best service they can. Not only are they familiar with the area, but there is a GPS with them at all times so they can find the fastest route to your destinations, wherever they may be! They also like to check the route some time before the run to familiarize themselves with where they are going.

You can relax knowing you are in a great vehicle and that there is an experienced driver behind the wheel. We are always open. You can call us whenever you've got a moment and it's convenient for you. So even at 3 in the morning on a Sunday, you can dial our number and know that we'll be there on the other side of the line and happy to help.

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