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Limo bus service is an industry that doesn't have the same pricing format with all the companies. There are some companies who will offer you a super low rate so that to you, it looks like you are getting a great deal. But when they show up to your reservation, they will end up telling you that you have some fees you must pay before you can take off. Those fees are to cover for gas, the number of stops you'll make and even a mandatory 20% tip for the driver. Then there's us. We don't do that. We believe in telling you about everything up front. It makes for such a hassle free and enjoyable night for our customers. There are no hidden fees. Your hourly rate covers everything. The only fees you might come across are damage extensive cleaning fees if you damage the vehicle.

As you have noticed, there are no prices on the site. We work with getting you the lowest pricing possible. Doing so, if our costs increase, the price for the rental will have to increase some. Remember, our rates might seem higher than other companies, but with us, you don't have any fees added on last minute. With us, you get unlimited stops and unlimited mileage. You can go anywhere in Michigan as long as you are back before your reservation time ends.

When you are ready for a no obligation quote, all you have to do is call! The agent that assists you will ask you for a few details to determine the price. They'll need to know the date and time of your event, the location, and the number of guests you'll have. Your free quote is only moments away. Call now to get yours!

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