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Kalamazoo's Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question? We've got answers. Don't see your question below, don't worry, give us a call. We are able to answer your questions all day and all night. So when one pops into your head, you can call right away.

• • I need a limo for X amount of passengers. Can you accommodate us?
Our fleet offers a variety of vehicle sizes and styles so there's options for groups of all sizes! So whether you've got 12 passengers or 24 or more, we've got plenty of Kalamazoo limousines and party buses to choose from!

• • How can I get a quote?
You can get a quote any time, 24/7, by just reaching out to us! Let our agents know the date and time you'd like service and how many passengers you're expecting. They'll let you know what options are available to accommodate you and how much they cost!

• • How can I make a reservation?
To make your reservation, you'll have to pay a deposit so that you and only you will have that vehicles at your desired block of time. To make a deposit, you'll need your credit and debit card.

• • What is your cancellation policy?
We do not allow cancellations after a reservation has been made. Once you pay a deposit, your reservation cannot be canceled. You'll have to pay for the full service, even if you don't use it. For this reason, we always suggest being absolutely sure of the date/time of your event before finalizing a reservation.

• • Are you open on holidays?
Yes! We are always open. There isn't a day or time that we won't answer phones or provide you with service.

• • Can we drink while we're in the vehicles?
Yes, you absolutely can! Our limos and buses all have coolers built right in for your convenience and we'll provide ice and cups! You can drink as much as you want, but remember it is strictly BYOB! We cannot and do not provide alcohol for you.

• • Is smoking allowed?
There is no smoking allowed. It doesn't leave the vehicles smelling that nice and they also open the door to damage fees if something happens.

• • Are children allowed on board?
Children are more than welcomed to come. Whether you're renting for a family outing or for your high school student and their friends to attend prom, our vehicles are a great choice. We do have strict policies for transporting minors, such as no alcohol, but we'll explain all that when you call.

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